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Natural seashell mosaic & wooden mosaic & coco mosaic Other new mosaic: like seashell, resin mosaic, ceramic mosaic and acrylic mosaic, coconut mosaic, ancient boat wood mosaic and so on to help you make your dream house.
Natural Seashell Mosaic Tile

With advantages of non-toxic, non-radiation, environmental protection, natural seashell mosaic tile is made from natural shell pieces enchanting you with all the beauty of the sea. The exquisite blend of naturally iridescent shape like hexagon, penny round, subway, square shells will illuminate any room. The seashell is glued on strong mesh mosaic backing allows for an easy, DIY installation.

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Ancient Boat Wooden Mosaic Tile

Unique wooden mosaic is made from a variety of ancient boat wood cuts. At home or in public places, this ancient boat wooden mosaic will help create amazing feature walls. The ancient boat wood piece is glued on strong mesh for wall installation. The wooden mosaic are sound absorbent and work great on acoustic walls. We try to make the color as and finish as the raw wood, but the surface will be lacquered, or painted. Kinds of wooden mosaic tiles are offering for your home decoration.

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