Mural Mosaic Pattern

Mural mosaic pattern is made of glass or stone material like melt ice jade glass, crystal glass mosaic or marble mosaic or ceramic or other material as you required. The raw mosaic chips can be made by puzzle way, hand-cut way or printed way to combine the picture you want, which is an excellent way to beautify and liven up any room. Use for walls, Residential Light Traffic floor areas, fireplace surrounds, baths and standing water areas. We will advise to make hand-cut mural, puzzle or printed mosaic pattern according to your picture and color, and your expected price.
Mural Hand-cut Mosaic Picture

Mural hand-cut mosaic picture is a good decoration picture for accent wall tiles. First we make draft effect photo with corresponding color chart, then cut chip by chip to with mosaic scissors to combine on the draw picture. The material can be glass or stone as you want. The murals pattern is a masterpiece artwork to show the real picture and with artistic temperament.

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Puzzle Mosaic Pattern

Puzzle mosaic pattern is easier production way than hand-cut mosaic pattern. Puzzle mosaic pattern can be choose different mosaic chip size like 10*10, 15*15, 20*20, 25*25mm. 10*10mm can show the picture more accurate and vivid. 25*25 is the worst. We draft mosaic picture effect photo with our color folder first for confirmation, then make puzzle assemble the each chip mosaic on the assemble plate. After that, glue one mesh for easy installation. Each picture will be made of corresponding color and material such as glass, ceramic, stone or metal or other material as you like.

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Ink Printed Glass Mosaic Pattern

Ink printed glass mosaic pattern is made of crystal glass mosaic. The whole picture is printed by high grade UV ink colors in the back of glass mosaic by printer machine. After that, the mosaic back will be painted protected varnish to make the color keep always fresh. Then our worker assemble the chip one by one then mesh-mounted. Usually we use 23*23*5mm blank glass mosaic to print the photo. Ink printed glass mosaic is an easier way to produce the pattern feeling with lower cost and faster delivery time. If the photo is very complicated, we suggest to make ink printed mosaic pattern to show the original appearance. But if you like different pattern look, you also can choose this ink printed glass mosaic pattern.

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