Metal Mosaic

Our metal mosaic can provide you from contemporary to rustic style decoration experience. The types contains #304 stainless steel metal, aluminum metal, aluminum penal peel stick mosaic, copper mosaic for your various choices. Metal mosaic is suitable use in commercial & residential, interior, wall, backsplashes, fireplaces, tub surrounds & showers. Occasional splashing is acceptable. It is not recommended to install these mosaics in areas fully submerged in water, such as fountains or pools.

Stainless Steel Mosaic

The Stainless Steel Mosaics are metal tiles on a porcelain body. The metal is stainless steel with thickness 0.3mm or 0.8mm. This well-known and practical metal can be used to add a design element to any vertical surface, from contemporary to rustic. A collection of stainless steel metal mosaic tiles in varying sizes each in a brushed (matt) and polished (gloss mirror) finish. The edge of type includes slight rounded edge (pressed) and straight edge type. There are 4 main colors of stainless steel including silver, golden, titanium gold and dark. Stainless steel mosaic tile is suggested to be used in dry areas , indoor, ideal locations are Bars, kitchen walls , bathroom back splash and workshops. It is not recommended to install these mosaics on floors (internal or external) or swimming pools/wet areas.

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Aluminum Alloy Mosaic

Aluminum alloy mosaic tiles provide the look of stainless steel metal mosaic tiles but with added texture and durability and providing you more colors as you like. From blank raw aluminum strip into small chips, the aluminum alloy mosaic experience series process as follows:
I. Processing surface effect--random pattern / circle pattern.
II. Color Painting: use high quality oil painting, putting into the oven to make color more firmly and evenly, which can keep 8-10 years without color fading.
III. Turn to be more wear-resisting after surface finished.
IV. Cutting loose chip mosaic by automatic cutting machine, which is more steady and speedy.
V. Assembling and meshing with waterproof glue and dried.
After the strict quality control production, the final aluminum mosaic is no worry about fading and surface scratches and make sure each chip is fine. Maybe you will worry the following problems?
First, Fading? No! Because of strict processing, no fading problems will be happened.
Second, Chips dropping out? No! We use water-proof glue to make sure particles pasted firmly with the nylon mesh.
Thirdly, Surface scratches? No! Finish scratches processing, strict quality inspection before shipment to make sure each particles undamaged.
Fourthly, Color difference? No! To confirm the color of sample with customer before the mass production.
We have 2 types of aluminum mosaic--first one is aluminum alloy glue on the mesh without porcelain body like FAL79, the second one is aluminum glued in the porcelain body like FAL75 . More details please see each collection.

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Copper Mosaic

The Copper Mosaics are metal tiles on a porcelain body. The metal is real copper. Over time they will exhibit the beautiful oxidising hues for which copper is widely sought. Using antique copper or copper toned materials is one of the latest trends in interior design. With its warm tone and elegant look, who would not want to have antique copper tiles installed in their home?

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Peel and Stick Aluminum Composite Penal Metal Mosaic

The collection of peel and stick metal mosaic is made of double-sided aluminum with polymer core and self-self-adhesive back mounted. Easy to install: no glue or grout needed. Just peel and stick. Luxurious design featuring brushed stainless finish. Can be applied to any dry surface, bedroom wall, kitchen backsplash, table top, tub side, floor with light traffic, etc. Almost anywhere that you want to decorate and also can stick onto the formica laminate.

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