Stone Mosaic

Natural stone mosaic tile surfaces have adorned interior spaces for thousands of years, and in many cultures. It can be rustic, country chic look or a luxurious and sleek style in your home decoration. Our stone mosaic contains: carrara white marble, emprador dark marble, emprador light, gray wood, yellow wood, white wood marble, nero marquina, pietra gray, travertine, oriental white, china white, greek white, athens gray, onyx, ming green and various marble material as required. Marble mosaics are perfect for creating a feature wall or splashback; they can even be cut into strips and used as border tiles. You'll be able to find that catches your eye in our two ranges of natural stone mosaic including normal size and irregular size classifications.

Normal Size Stone Mosaic

Our normal size stone mosaic is cut by our machine into square and rectangle shape in different size as 15*15, 20*20, 23*23, 48*48, 98*98mm, 15*30, 15*48, 15*98, 15*148mm as required. The pattern way can be stacked, subway, interlocking, linear, checkerboard or without gap’s format paving and so on. These mosaics are suitable for all domestic and commercial applications, and can be used on the floors as well as the walls.

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Irregular Shape Stone Mosaic

Create a luxurious and stylish look in your home with our distinctive irregular shape mosaic. Marble is a luxurious and sought after stone, perfect for creating that hotel-feel in your own home. Natural stone can be cut into different irregular shape such as hexagon, trapezoid, fan, lantern, penny round, triangle, rhombus and other shape mesh mounted on back for easy installation. These mosaics can be used for floors, as well as a decorative option for walls and splashbacks in living space, commercial places. Popular in hallways and bathrooms, its dense structure makes it ideal for frequently-used areas.

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