Aluminum Alloy Mosaic

Aluminum alloy mosaic tiles provide the look of stainless steel metal mosaic tiles but with added texture and durability and providing you more colors as you like. From blank raw aluminum strip into small chips, the aluminum alloy mosaic experience series process as follows:
I. Processing surface effect--random pattern / circle pattern.
II. Color Painting: use high quality oil painting, putting into the oven to make color more firmly and evenly, which can keep 8-10 years without color fading.
III. Turn to be more wear-resisting after surface finished.
IV. Cutting loose chip mosaic by automatic cutting machine, which is more steady and speedy.
V. Assembling and meshing with waterproof glue and dried.
After the strict quality control production, the final aluminum mosaic is no worry about fading and surface scratches and make sure each chip is fine. Maybe you will worry the following problems?
First, Fading? No! Because of strict processing, no fading problems will be happened.
Second, Chips dropping out? No! We use water-proof glue to make sure particles pasted firmly with the nylon mesh.
Thirdly, Surface scratches? No! Finish scratches processing, strict quality inspection before shipment to make sure each particles undamaged.
Fourthly, Color difference? No! To confirm the color of sample with customer before the mass production.
We have 2 types of aluminum mosaic--first one is aluminum alloy glue on the mesh without porcelain body like FAL79, the second one is aluminum glued in the porcelain body like FAL75 . More details please see each collection.