未标题-1ss.jpgFrom simple to luxury, from classic to novel, FOGAS mosaic provides you a diverse range of fashionable glass, luxury metal, original stone, artistic mural and special design of seashell, resin or other new material mosaic. 

We care the small mosaics, as we do care your even smallest request.


The founder of Fogas Mosaic tile supplier, Mr. Luo, has been involved in the mosaic tile business for over 10 years. Having a passion for a love for mosaics, Mr. Luo established Fogas Mosaic Tile manufacturer in 2009. Since then his company has grown to be one of the largest tile supplier of glass mosaics, natural stone mosaics, metal tiles, mural pattern, and mix material mosaic in Foshan. With his reputation for quality, service and availability, Mr. Luo has been winning the loyal clients from America, Canada, Australia and Thailand, Turkey and all over the world. Our clients mosaic tiles will sell to Daltile, LOWES, Home Depot and OBI and other big qualified markets.


Our Raw Materialfinal.jpg

We pick up high quality of raw material--big size glass to cut small size then make into 60*60cm, then make into chips of mosaic. 

Our machines

We use high-tech glass cutting machine to cut the special size of mosaic chip to satisfy special request from our client.

Our kiln

We use standard kiln to make burn the glass, enough temperature to make sure the glass can be clean and crystal, hard enough.

Our customized packing 

We mainly do the customized design and individual packing for famous clients. Only good quality and good price can let the big client to give us orders, so we are in good faith to provide you good mosaic tiles! Like daltile packing box. 

If you want to know more about mosaic production, please see our browse our article: Are you a Chinese mosaic factory?

OUR KEY STRENGTHS - Professional mosaics manufacturer

We are committed to producing high quality but favourable price mosaic tiles in mosaic tile manufacturer. 

Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. Most of workers has enough experience to make mosaic and settle mosaic problem during production.  Our client will check the goods by themselves when they come to Foshan. check.jpg

Factory Area: 6000 square meters

Staff: 200 professional production team

Production Capacity: 20000 square meters of mosaic per month

Inspection: 100% inspection; even a tiny chip is carefully inspected

Design and Sample: more than 300 items of design showed in the mosaic tile manufacturer


QUALITY:At fogas mosaic we don’t talk about quality. Because to us, it’s not just a word, it’s a mission. In fact, this desire to offer only the best is embedded in everything we do and in every product we offer.

DESIGNS: We are dedicating to developing a variety of series mosaics designs to meet customers’ preferences and taste from every taste from different countries and regions. Following the fashion trends, our mosaic is no longer just a home decoration, but also the art of lifestyle.

Our GOAL: To satisfy our clients around the world by providing them with products of remarkable beauty, elegant design, superior quality, and exceptional value all the time. 


(free sample of mosaic tiles can be provided for you anytime. )